ICA at Climate Week NYC 2017

The International Copper Association was a proud Gold Sponsor of Climate Week NYC 2017. Now is the time to talk about a global response to climate change, and we are proud to help lead the conversation.

Copper is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, and our goal is to encourage businesses, governments, academic institutions, arts and music organizations, and NGOs at Climate Week to think copper.

  • How Can Copper Spark Innovation for Our Future?

    See how 100% recyclable copper has powered our lives from electrical wiring to electric vehicles. Just think: what could copper’s future hold?

  • How Does Copper Power Our Lives?

    Learn how copper is a crucial element in our everyday lives and how ICA members contribute to the UN’s the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Copper: Motors of the Future

    Dr. Keith Klontz from Advanced MotorTech discusses how the addition of copper to a motor helps it operate more efficiently.

  • Copper: A Metal for the Ages

    Jane Hammerstrom from the U.S. Geological Survey talks about the longevity of copper.

  • Copper: Infinitely Recyclable

    Dr. Diran Apelian discusses copper's ability to be recycled over and over again.

Sparking innovation to combat climate change

A fundamental piece of our sustainable future is already powering nearly every aspect of our lives. From the batteries in our electronics to the air conditioners cooling us off in the summer to solar panels providing renewable energy, copper is the lifeblood of our modern lives.

Copper is also essential to the innovations needed to combat the environmental challenges we face today, including climate change.

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