Mining fair and convention in Arequipa: mining, sustainability and competitiveness

PERUMIN is one of the most important mining conventions and fairs in Latin America.

The 33rd annual event was held this year in Arequipa, Peru, on 18 – 22 September. This year’s event highlighted the mining industry’s technological progress as well as its involvement in socio-environmental activities, in particular, the role the industry has taken regarding sustainability and mitigating climate change. Approximately 100,000 people visited the exhibition daily.

During the event, the copper industry, represented by Procobre-Peru, displayed a series of panels in the city center explaining copper’s role in the quality of life and technology, as well as its contribution to the sustainable development of mankind. Copper mining is important in Peru, contributing 11 percent of Peru’s GDP and creating 200,000 direct jobs and 1,600,000 indirect jobs.

Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru, with a population of one million people. One of the city’s unique features is a mining site located within its city limits. Because of this, it is important to show the city’s residents, as well as convention attendees, the copper mining sector’s commitment to developing in a sustainable manner.

Procobre-Peru’s presentation provided the community with additional information on the social benefits brought about by mining activity and reinforced the initiative implemented by the Cerro Verde mine, which built the area’s first wastewater treatment plant, after years of local communities dumping wastewater into a river that crossed the city. The plant also helps farmers downstream, who no longer use polluted water to irrigate their crops.