Copper At The Core Of Driving European Sustainable Energy Growth

Copper has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since the dawn of civilization. Today copper is more relevant than ever as we move toward a low-carbon economy. Copper plays a crucial role in our homes, in our workplaces, in transportation, in infrastructure and in our industries.

Europe’s sustainable energy future depends on the twin pillars of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy efficiency continues to deliver as the “first fuel”: the more efficient energy services are delivered, the more effective and significant contribution renewable energy has in primary energy production.

The European Commission’s Clean Energy Package provides an excellent opportunity to ensure the EU takes a big step in the direction toward integrated energy systems, facilitating the uptake of renewable energy sources and increasing levels of energy efficiency. Once the package is adopted by the EU institutions, copper will continue to contribute to the innovative solutions needed to implement it and unleash its potential across the EU.

Through the DecarbEurope initiative, we are promoting, with a number of partners, the most cost-effective ways of decarbonizing Europe’s economy.

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